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EVENT VIDEOS and Streaming

Event videos typically involve capturing a live event or occasion using a single camera or a limited number of cameras. These videos aim to document the event as it unfolds and may focus on specific highlights, speeches, or performances. Event videos are often straightforward recordings without extensive editing or multiple camera angles


Multi-cam setups involve using two or more cameras strategically positioned to capture different angles or perspectives simultaneously. This setup is common in live events, interviews, TV shows, and other productions where dynamic shots and seamless transitions between perspectives are necessary. Multi-cam setups allow for more comprehensive coverage, providing viewers with diverse angles and enhancing the overall visual experience

Multi-cam, volti Subito productions, robin rupe

Event Design

Lighting design is essential for creating a visually captivating and emotionally engaging experience for the audience, enriching the overall impact and effectiveness of a performance.   By leveraging video imagery effectively, event organizers can create immersive, engaging, and memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression on attendees and help achieve the event's objectives.

Video Director 

Volti Subito Productions, video direction, robin rupe
Volti Subito Productions, video direction, robin rupe

Just need a director?  We're here! Our niche is classical music. 

Overseeing Production:
Managing the overall production process, including coordinating with crew members, ensuring equipment readiness, and maintaining a smooth workflow.

Directing Shots:
Making real-time decisions on camera angles, framing, and shot composition to capture the action effectively.

Coordinating Crew:
Communicating instructions to camera operators, audio engineers, lighting technicians, and other crew members to execute the director's vision 
Managing Transitions:
Directing live transitions between camera shots, graphics, and other visual elements to maintain a seamless broadcast 

Ensuring Technical Quality:
Monitoring technical aspects such as audio levels, video quality, and broadcast stability throughout the live production 

Addressing any technical issues or unexpected challenges that arise during the live broadcast, making quick decisions to mitigate disruptions 

Collaborating with Talent:
Providing direction and guidance to on-screen talent, ensuring they deliver their performances effectively and align with the production's objectives 

Maintaining Timing and Pacing:
Keeping the production on schedule and maintaining appropriate pacing to engage the audience throughout the broadcast 

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